JALIAR firm is located at Baku city (Azerbaijan) has been in operation since 1991. At the present, company has 6 employees. Company’s activities: technical production, commerce, information services , and agriculture. Current activity - production of organic rose oil, organic rose water, and other products from Rose and other plants. The purpose and goal of the project's implementation. At the present time our company owns 5 ha of Rose plantation. The annual harvest of our roses is 2-3 tons per hectare. The processing of 7.47 tons of flowers gives 1 kg of organic Rose Oil. This productivity is for the type of rose known as "Raduga".This type is known for its longevity and the rapid selfreproduction which differs it from other types, it also does not require special care. The other advantage of this type of rose is that, oil produced from these flowers does not contain "methyleugenol " which is been banned in the European Union, and therefore our product is of great interest for European companies.
Production is located in the north-west zone of Azerbaijan in Zaqatala district. We have set up a plant in this area capable of producing 25kg of organic rose oil per year. To achieve higher levels of production and export to satisfy the demand by European buyers, and also to assist in solving the problem of unemployment in the region, JALIAR company needs to get additional funds to increase the area of plantation up to 100 hectares. In addition, it is expected that another 20 hectares of land will be leased by the company to plant melissa, rosemary, thymus, laurel and levistikum and produce these organic essential oils. This will provide not only additional income, but also expand the activity of the factory throughout the year.  
  Manufacturing enterprise with an area of 0.9 hectares is located in the settlement of Gazangyul of Zagatala district. Currently up to 5kg organic rose oil and 450 liters rose water and up to 1000 liters of organic rose-sour water are processed. The company's balance has 5.0 hectares of rose flowers plantation, 99 years rent of 3.0 hectares, 2.0 hectares are privately owned. The company's products in recent years have been shown at exhibitions in Madrid (Spain), Paris (France), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Dubai (UAE), Lodz (Poland) and twice in Nuremberg (Germany), where they were highly appreciated by the visitors and organizers. The company was awarded the "Prestige" prize in Madrid and breastplate Gold mark, and in Paris, was awarded the prize "Millennium" and the Gold Medal.
Our production base and plantations were checked annually by CERES Institution since 2010 and based on the positive results the company has been awarded the certificate of compliance with the standards of the United States and the European Union. Latest certificates: " NOP Certificate " , # 140115 , 19.08.2013 issued in compliance with U.S. standards and a " Certificate of compliance with production rules equivalent to Regulations EC 834 / 2007 and EC 889 / 2008 " , # 14114 , 19.08.2013 - certificates of compliance with the terms of the European Union . These certificates confirm that JALIAR firm produces rose oil, rose water, rose-sour water with a status of "organic".  

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